How To Find A Soul Mate With Astrology

Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology

Astrology helps people know about many things like keeping relationships strong, choosing the right path, taking the right decision in your life, and the right partner. Many people believe in astrological reading, and they take help in various situations and make astrology part of their life.

Can you find your soul mate with the help of astrology? Can astrology provide you right partner? Every man and woman wants to know about their soul mate. So the good news is you can find your soul mate by using astrology and connect with your soul mate without waiting.

Astrology And Soul Mate

Everyone wants to find a partner who understands them and whose mind match. The soul mate is one with whom you feel no fear, to whom you share your heart worries and happiness. According to astrology, when you meet your soul mate, you will feel it and identify with the help of some signs.

When you meet your soul mate, you will feel it as you met them before and know each other. In astrology, this connection between someone you meet is a sign for identifying your soul mate. According to astrology, one meets a soul mate when they want to enter them in their life and wants to bring change.

This connection increases your spiritual level, and you will be able to identify your good qualities and improve your sense of giving.

4 Ways To Find Out A Soul Mate You Dire With Astrology

Yes, it isn’t easy to find out the right partner. Astrology allows you to identify your soul mate that matches your astrological situation. So do you want to find your partner? Read this article till the end.

Identify Your Soul Mate By Using Natal Chart

Birth Chart Astrology

You can use the Soulmate Sketch service to find your soul mate.

Step 1

Fill date of birth, time of birth, and year you were born. These details are required to fill out your natal chart. Try to fill in the correct information, and if you don’t know some details find your birth certificate and fill mentioned details. If you like someone or have a boyfriend and want to see that person is right for you, you can use it to match your natal chart with him. By collecting both details, you will be able to fill correct natal chart.

Step 2

Various websites are free and allow you to find out your natal chart. If you search on Google, you will find many sites. You have to enter your details, and the site will show your natal chart.

Once you find your natal chart, you can find your soul mate and focus on various parts to determine your compatibility with your soul mate.

Step 3

Find out the seventh house (Mars, Venus, and north nodes) that assists you in identifying the right person that matches your astrological readings. A natal chart is an easy and proper way to find your soul partner.

Check Out Seventh House Harmony

Rising Sign

Step 1

The rising sign in the natal chart is known as ascendance, commonly found on the left side of the natal chart. With the help of the rising star sign, this can be any zodiac sign; after finding your rising star, you will be able to identify the person who can become your soul mate.

Step 2

Investigate the sign opposite your rising star and find out your best compliable sign. For example, if your rising star is Aries, your opposite and compatible sign is Libra. You heard about opposite attract each other, same case in astrology, with the help of your natal chart, you will find your best compatibility star.

Some connections of stars are: 

  • Virgo opposes Pisces
  • Taurus opposes Scorpio
  • Cancer opposes Capricorn
  • Leo opposes Aquarius

Step 3

Always choose a partner that opposes your rising sign. Once you know about your opposite sign, you will find out your soul mate. That will increase your chance of understanding your soul mate deeply and building a stronger connection.

Yes, choosing the right partner is essential as you have to spend your whole life with your soul mate.

Find Out Mars And Venus Relation

happy married life

As these both play an essential role in your love life, Mars tells you about sexual compatibility with your partner, and Venus explains love connections like happiness, loyalty, care, love, and much more.

Step 1

You will find it through the natal chart, which is present at the bottom. The natal chart will show you the degree of Mars and Venus. Investigate those numbers, and with the help of those numbers, you will find your soul mate.

Step 2

Match your numbers to find out compatibility between you both. If you and your partner mars and Venus degree will match, your compatibility will match with each other, which means you are a perfect match. If your partner mars degree is 10 to 20, you should be 15 or between.

Step 3

When you see Mars and Venus degrees in the natal chart, find the closer degree in the natal chart. So, check the mars and Venus degree of a close soul mate. The closes the degree in the natal chart, the more you and your partner match.

So, yes, if your partner has close to your degree, you have more love and compatibility.

Find Out Moon And North Nodes

The north node is defined as the moon’s nodes. When passing through the past ecliptic, the moon moves around the hemisphere. When active, the north node will be a chance that you meet a special person in your life. There are various online websites where you find out your north node.

According to many experts, when your partner has the same or closer nodes, you have a spiritual connection and spend a good life. If the person’s birthdate comes closer to you and your age difference is around 9 to 10 years, your nodes match each other.

How did You know About Your Soul Mate?

Here are various signs you will notice when your soul mate is near:

  • You will feel relaxed and safe when you meet them
  • You see your situation and life aims to match with each other
  • You both behaviours, likes, dislikes match with each other
  • You can communicate easily and share anything with them
  • You will feel love and attract

So, if you believe in astrological reading, the above steps will help you select the best partner.